Homework Tips For A Successful School Year

Aug 31, 2015 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Back To School, Focus, Homework, Learning Activities


Homework can be such a source of tension for both students and parents. Lack of motivation and constant complaining can be just a few struggles that students experience during the school year. We put together some simple tips to help minimize homework stress, increase self confidence & motivation and achieve academic success.

1. Talk About It!
Complaining about homework is common. However, it is important to understand the cause of the complaints. Take the time to talk with your child about her concerns. Listening to your child can help pin point some underlining issues. Knowing the issues can help you find a solution and help minimize the negativity and complaining!

2. Set Goals!
Setting homework goals is a great way to help students get a positive start on homework. When kids know what is expected of them they will be more focused and motivated to accomplish these goals. Make sure the goals are clear and fit your child’s learning style.

3. Take Breaks:
Homework can be lengthy and can take a few hours to complete. Having lots of homework can be overwhelming and very stressful. Incorporate breaks during homework time. These breaks should be short and provide a little brain break. These short breaks will reenergize your child and give them the focus they need to complete their homework.

You can help minimize the stress during homework time by listening to your child’s homework concerns and worries. Communication, setting goals and incorporating breaks are just a few ways to create homework success in your home. Happy Learning!

Do you encounter homework struggles in your home?

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