A FUN Study Tip!

Jan 17, 2013 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Homework, Learning Resources, Study Tips, Teaching, Teaching Games, Testing

Do you sometimes run out of ideas when it comes to helping your child study? Here is a fun and easy tip that you can incorporate today when helping your child study. This fun tip incorporates a little bit of exercise! Be ready to learn and to move!!

You will need your child’s study facts or sheet handy, a soccer net (makeshift or real one) and a soccer ball. You can do this outside or in a room with a large space in your home! Ask your child a question. If your child answers correctly allow them to take a shot. If they score a goal they get a point. Now it’s your turn. Have your child ask you a question from their study sheet. If you answer correctly you can take a shot, if you get a goal you now then get a point.

Why do we have our children ask us the questions? It helps them hear the information again which helps with retaining the information and it makes it more fun! Does your child prefer another sport? You can easily do this with basketball or baseball. Be creative and make up a game!

Give this a try and see if your child enjoys studying a little more!! Share your thoughts on this fun study tip!

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