Losing Focus For School & Homework? Try These 6 Tips!

Jan 22, 2019 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Academic Goals, Daily Inspiration, Focus, Learning Resources

Do you find it difficult to stay focused in school? Are you losing interest in school? Is it hard to complete your homework assignments or study for a test? There are many ways to recharge your motivation and focus toward school and school work. Maintaining motivation can be challenging but it is possible. Here are 6 tips for motivation and focus that can lead to your academic success.

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Define Your Goals:

Set academic goals for yourself. Be clear and set tangible goals for yourself. Are you a B student? Are you capable of attaining higher grades? Write down these goals in a place that you can see on a daily basis. Do a weekly check-in and be true to your goals.

Create a Plan:
Once you have defined your academic goals. Set up a plan. How will you achieve this goal? Will you study with a tutor or alone? Share your plan with your parent or teacher. This will make you accountable for your plan and goals.

Identify Your Weaknesses:
Many students who are losing motivation toward school often have an obstacle or weakness that may be the cause of this lack of motivation. Identifying your weaknesses can help you toward getting motivated again. Do you need to spend more time studying? Do you need to refine your study habits? Once you figure out the area of weakness you will be able to improve in this area which will result in greater school motivation.

Take Risks:
As a student, do not stay in your comfort zone. Take risks in learning. Don’t worry about making mistakes. The more risks you take, the more challenged you will become. Learning occurs when you are challenging yourself. The more challenged you are, the more motivated you will become.

Be Positive:
Positive thinking promotes positive outcomes. Do not indulge in negative thinking. Choose to be positive and surround yourself around positive peers as well. Empower yourself with positive thoughts and positive actions. Connect with others that have this similar positive mindset.

Get Perspective
Focus on the “big picture” when it comes to school and your academic goals. Understanding that the importance of the little tasks makes a big difference. For example, being an active participant in class discussions will keep you more focused and engaged. Knowing that handing in assignments on time will help you gain as much points to boost your grades and your motivation.

Self motivation is tough, however, it is important for you to try to stay focused and motivated throughout the year. Maintaining motivation and focus will increase your academic success.  Good luck and let us know what you do to stay motivated and focused in school! 

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