5 Ways to Promote Literacy in Your Home

Jan 13, 2020 by Yolanda Fontanez-Coleman | Learning Resources, Reading, Teaching Games

Creating a literacy rich environment in your home establishes a foundation for success.  There are many ways to foster literacy in your home in a fun, engaging and educational way. The key to creating literacy rich activities is to keep them engaging and adjust the activities to meet your child’s personal interests.  Here are 5 literacy-rich activities that you can do at home with your child.


Academic Success

Read Aloud: Read to your child daily. Select books together or read recipes while you are cooking. Incorporate reading in all that you do! Reading aloud to your child promotes healthy brain development and creates a wonderful bond between you and your child.

Research your State: How much do you know about your state? What is the official song, bird, tree or flower? Work with your child this week and do some research on your state. This is a great learning activity while learning more about your home state.

Create a Joke Book: Have your child compile funny jokes in a book. He can create his own or use some familiar jokes. Share the jokes with your family. Kids love this activity. This is a great way to promote reading, writing and you may get a few giggles too!

Pen Pal Fun! In the age of texting, email and Facebook we sometimes forget about using a pen and paper. Pick a friend or family member and begin writing to them. Take pictures and include them in your letter. Kids will love getting mail from their pen pals.

Family Hangman: You can use your child’s spelling or vocabulary words. Be creative on the words you select. Kids will love this game!

When incorporating literacy rich activities in your home remember to design them around your child’s interest. This will keep your child engaged and develop his literacy foundation. Share your literacy activities with us. We would love to hear from you!

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